Large Poster with 1600 stickers - Mona Lisa

Product Description

In this poster, 1600 small square stickers, 100 different shades, are placed following a numerical code and create Leonardo Da Vinci's famous work, 'Mona Lisa'. This work was created between 1503-1506 and is exhibited in the Louvre in Paris.

Mona Lisa is Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece. The painting (1503-1506) in order to protect it from time has been covered with several layers of protective varnish, but gradually the varnish has yellowed, thus altering the range of colors. This poster reveals the true colors of the Mona Lisa as Leonardo da Vinci painted her 500 years ago.

Once completed it can become a beautiful decoration for the room.

This activity is designed for children over 10 and adults for the French company Poppik. The color restoration has been done by Delphine Doreau. Manufactured in the European Union by the company Leporello http://www.leporello.fr .

Sku: ART001
Vendor: Poppik
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